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CourtAleise Photography lets others have a look at the world through my lens. Photography is my passion and my art. This site features landscape and cityscape photography that will take you on a visual journey from the islands of Hawai'i to the concrete jungle of New York City and across the Atlantic Ocean to the ancient ruins of Rome and other historic cities. My photography is used to create greeting cards and pieces of art.


Photography first became an interest of mine when I was a toddler. I would play with my Dad’s Polaroid camera for hours. I became fascinated with the photos that this device was able to create.

As an undergraduate journalism student at Florida A&M University, I took my first photography class. It was at that point that I realized I had truly fallen in love with the art of photography and that I wanted to express myself through this art medium.


While earning my bachelor's degree I worked for several newspapers as both a writer and a photographer. While teaching in Stuttgart, Germany, for a semester I decided to travel and expand my portfolio. I was inspired by the mountains of Switzerland, the rolling hills of France, and the breathtaking architecture of Italy.


As a professional I have had the opportunity to be the photographer for events such as the infamous Miami Wynwood ArtWalk, I have also had art displayed in different galleries, events, and featured in the Sun Sentinel. My desire to combine my love for photography and travel was the catalyst for creating CourtAleise Photography.


Through my landscape photography I am able to share what I find most beautiful and intriguing about different places around the world. The purpose of my art is to let others have the exhilarating feeling of having traveled somewhere far away, without ever setting foot on a plane. The landscape art of Court Aleise Photography will take you on a visually stimulating journey from New York, to South Florida, to Hawaii and beyond.

I hope you enjoy a look at the world through my lens.

- Courtney Aleise Matthews



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